How can I recharge my mobile or pay my postpaid bill?

There are three easy steps:

  • Enter your mobile number, operator's name and the recharge/bill value.
  • Then key in your Paytm password (or if visiting for the first time, create a password).
  • Finally, select your payment method (credit card, debit card, Internet banking, ATM card).
How will I get to know whether my recharge transaction has been successful?

Once you complete your three-step process of mobile recharging on airbitglobal.in, you will receive the following from us:

  • Immediate response on your screen
  • Receipt in an email
  • SMS on your mobile
What should I do if I do not receive any recharge from the mobile operator for the successful transaction on Airbitglobal.in?

When you make a recharge, you get recharge details from your Operator within 30 seconds after a successful transaction. If you do not get an update/SMS on recharge then please get in touch with us at airbitglobal.in/support.

My recharge was successful, but I have not yet received my recharge!

All recharge requests are processed immediately on Paytm. Still, in a case when you do not receive a confirmation of recharge from your Operator then you can always reach out to us at airbitglobal.in/support.

When I was doing the recharge on airbitglobal.in, I got a response that my recharge was unsuccessful. What does this mean?

This could be due to the below mentioned reasons:

  • Your mobile operator’s server was temporarily down.
  • The entered amount was not accepted by your mobile operator as a valid recharge value.
  • There was a temporary network issue and we were not able to connect your request to your mobile operator.

You can also reach out to us at paytm.com/care.

Why was the recharge amount I entered not accepted at airbitglobal.in ?

Operators decide the valid recharge denominations circle-wise and they keep changing it from time to time. Talk time and special recharge value are dependent entirely on the operator. Do not miss the drop-down menu "Tap on "Browse plans" to view indicative plans".

How can I get to know the valid recharge denominations for my mobile operator?

While we make our best efforts to share with you the valid recharge denominations for your operator/circle, if you are trying any particular recharge denomination for the first time, then we recommend you recheck the recharge denomination from your mobile operator 's website or call centre.

I got zero talk time or less than expected talk time!
The talk time that you receive after doing a recharge on Paytm.com is defined by the mobile operator and we have no control over it. Different recharge values give different amounts of talk time. Sometimes, the recharge value that you enter could be a special recharge that might give you free SMS, free data usage or reduced call rate without giving you any talk time. It is recommended that for all such cases, you check directly with your mobile operators.

I have switched my operator through MNP. How can I now get a recharge done?

For recharge, kindly follow these steps:

  • Enter the mobile number.
  • Select your current operator (if it's showing your previous operator).
  • Enter recharge value.
  • Enter your Paytm password (or create a password if visiting for the first time).
  • Select your payment method (credit card, debit card, Internet banking).